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12ft Allegro Instument Cable

12ft Allegro Instument CableUnbalanced, Two-Way Shielded Instrument Cable

Most musicians purchase low cost cables only to realize that these cables make okay shortwave radio antennas and that they ruin the entire sound image of their very expensive instruments. GP2 has distanced itself from "cheap" and instead only offer top notch quality cable at a fair price.

Allegro cable has thick insulation between wires and shielding to improve capacitive values while ensuring loss-free high rendition, even at longer cable lengths. We use a special conductive carbon shield and copper braided shield to avoid crackling and hum interference You AND your audience will be amazed at the sound of this cable.


  • High quality instrument cable for sound and stage
  • Unbalanced cable for keyboards, samplers, mixing boards etc.
  • Connection of stereo video recorder and DAT-recorder


  • Enormously powerful and clear sound image for bass, guitar, and keyboard due to special stranding and a wire diameter of 0.50 mm2 or 0.75 mm2
  • Double shielding due to the combination of copper braided and conductive carbon shielding
  • Loss free transmission due to low capacity
  • Very flexible and easy to wind due to the use of fi ne individual stranding
  • Durability and robustness due to a special high quality PVC-mixture for the jacket
  • Strain relief and good protection against bending due to the thick PVC-jacket


Technical Data
Constuction: LI2Y(LS)CY 1x0.50mm2
Jacket Diameter: PVC, 70mm
Shielding: Copper spiral tin-plated + semiconductor
Shielding Factor: 100%
Temperature Range: -30 °C to +70 °C
Packaging: 12' and 25' lengths
Electrical Data
Capac. Cond./Shield per 1m: 78 pF