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12ft Vivace Microphone Cable

12ft Vivace Microphone Cable Balanced Microphone Cable

Specialists have turned it into a bestseller. This cable was originally developed for the manufacturers of professional studio microphones. The demands for top quality helped us to create a professional and yet affordable studio microphone cable. This GP2 cable is 100% shielded through the use of dense copper spiral shielding and a robust braided vaporized fl eece around the wire pairs. This also ensures strong wear.

The fine 0.05mm copper stranding makes this a very popular cable for and mobile applications, and should be used wherever electrical sources could interfere with audio and data transmission. Comparable competitor cables go at almost twice the price.


  • Professional studio and microphone technology
  • Outdoor transmission / OB Van
  • Enduring stage application


  • Neutral and loss free audio transmission due to special copper strand construction
  • 100% shielding due to dense copper spiral shielding and additional AL-fleece
  • Professional technology


Technical Data
Constuction: (2LI2Y0.25mm2)(ST)DY
Jacket Diameter: 6.5mm
Conductor insulation: PE 1.55mm
Shielding: Copper spiral shielding 95% + AL-fl eece
Shielding factor: 100%
Temperature Range: -30 °C to +70 °C
Packaging: 12' and 25' lengths
Electrical Data
Capac. Cond./Per 1m: 60 pF
Cond. Resistance per 1km: < 80 ^