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PreampBL99 Preamp


Musician and recording artist Robert Lanois designed the BL99 4-channel Mic Preamp with the professional user in mind. From the first prototypes Bob built over 2 decades ago, the BL99 unwittingly went through the process of Kaizen (continuous improvement over time) that is an integral part of Lean Manufacturing, today’s gold standard in manufacturing systems. Field-tested and validated in studios all over the world, the BL99 has been used in the recording of numerous Grammy-award winning and platinum selling albums by some of the world’s most renowned artists.

Manufacturing Process

Having hit “the sweet spot” in its current configuration, Bob teamed up with Bill Huisman, President of GP2, to prepare the BL99 for launch into the pro-audio channel.

Using his expertise and experience in good manufacturing practices gained from supplying key components to the bio-medical, nuclear and homeland security sectors, Bill tweaked the design to accommodate the hand-built, repeatable manufacturing process while surpassing the quality assurance standards demanded by high-end pro-audio consumers.

The modular building process involves the hand assembly of sub-components that have been custom-designed and produced in small batches. As a result, the BL99 is extremely robust and virtually indestructible thus guaranteeing a lifetime of reliable use.

UL and ULC ApprovalProducers, engineers and studio owners will be able to use the BL99 with comfort and peace-of-mind, knowing that the unit has passed the rigorous processes of CSA certification and UL and ULC approvals.

Unmatched Performance

The “heart” of the BL99 consists of John Hardy op-amps teamed with Jensen transformers. The supporting electronics are strictly designed to deliver the golden sound of those key components.

As a result, the performance of the BL99 is unmatched.  The unit is virtually hiss-free while harmonic distortion is almost too low to measure. The sound is very robust and holds up under wild equalization.  There is no mid-range fog or harshness, as with other pre-amps, while the entire mid-range is well defined and allows for a whole new experience in the studio. The top end is smooth with “air” but no roughness and extends easily beyond hearing range. You’ll experience no bumping at around 8k or lack of air and headroom is exceptional. For the recording and sound professionals who don’t want the classic English “processed” sound or the American “harshness”, the BL99 is the obvious choice.

At GP2 we believe that the BL99 is simply the best preamp on the market today.